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Play Beach Volleyball in Barcelona while travelling on holidays or for work. 

Do you want to break away from the constant GO and play Beach Volleyball away from home? We are here to give you the opportunity to add to your travel plans beach volleyball with us at one of our facilities and tailored courses in Barcelona. This is a time where you can meet and interact with local players and keep improving your skills while travelling to the sunny and warm capital of this sport in Spain.


In partnership with the biggest Beach Club in the city, The Barcelona Beach Club, we will help you to find a training according to your needs and dates in our city.


We accept players of all ages and genders, and we provide these athletes with high level coaches, facilities and equipment to ensure that their time training is well spent.


Inquire our team to tailor your trainings while in Barcelona through our email:

and we will orientate you to any of our facilities to join local players in five different levels from beginners to competitive-elite players.

We also provide private lessons and tailored trianings.


25€ / per participant 

and training

We also provide private lessons and tailored trainings. 

*Training session duration is 1.5 hours, prices are per person and taxes inclusive.

Non-refundable 100% payment upon confirmation of booking.

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