Knowledge Capsules

GetVolley! offers the perfect vehicle to energize, motivate and unite your business in a fun, social and energetic way. 

A Capsule Training is a learning system intended to be a short, tightly focused and updated. Divided into individual or group capsules, GetVolley! offers the opportunity to learn and improve any important aspect about the sport of beach volleyball by our highly qualified, coaches, nutritionists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, psychologists, etc.


Take a few moments to view the capsules below to familiarize yourself with our services and options.

  • Efficient training.
  • New tendencies of physical
    conditioning in BV.
  • The vibration training applied to BV.
  • Key aspects of:

– The defense training
– The attack training
– The setting training
– The transition training

  • Holistic care of the body of a Beach vb athlete.
  • Beach Volleyball and nutrition.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Recovering exercises for BV:

– Shoulders

– Knees

– Low back

  • Training under pressure. Adding physiologic exercises to our trainings. 
  • Individual and team pressure control outside of the court.
  • Addressing fears inside of the game.
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