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Dive into the world of Volley. Watch our virtual demo, learn about our groundbreaking technology and answer your questions about getting Volley at your club!






Follow these quick and easy steps to start your first session with Volley!

Learn about our different workouts and programs you can choose from in the Volley app. 

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You've got questions, we've got answers.

Q: What is the difference between Volley and a ball machine?

A: A great deal.  Volley is a racquet sports simulator, not a ball trainer.  Short answer, three key differences:
1) Responsive play capability driven by AI and Vision technology
2) A curated set of easy to use tools in the Volley App provide a library of customizable, shareable workouts, video review of play and stats.  Everything at your fingertips.
3) Volley is a full service system.  From the cloud infrastructure around the trainer at your club, to the full service support and maintenance of the trainer, Volley does everything to make sure you can focus on your members.

Q: Ok, but how does the AI work?

A: The AI and vision do several things:
1) Volley AI has deep knowledge of each sport being played.

2) Volley's three cameras and vision software are able to track the player, the ball and locate itself on the court.

This means that you can get out on the court faster, get training tailored to your style and skill level, receive stats on your performance and record video of your play for analysis.

Q: What shots can Volley simulate?  What sports does it serve?

A: Volley is a truly "universal" racquets simulator, with the ability to serve every type of shot in Tennis, Padel, Pickleball, and Platform Tennis

Q: How do you control the simulator?  Who can use it??

A: Simple, with your phone or smartwatch.  Anyone can download the Volley Racquet app from the Apple or Android stores.  Go to for a link.

Its incredibly easy to use the trainer - even on your first time.  The average time from a player downloading the app to hitting their first ball is under 4 minutes!   

Q: How many players can use Volley at one time?

A:  One Pro/Player controls the trainer at a time, but multiple people can return shots. Volley is perfect for a group of people to practice together.

Q: How does Volley affect court time? We’re very busy.

A: The most frequent Volley use times are 11am-4pm (non-peak).  94% of Volley clubs report no issues with court availability. 6% of clubs opt to limit courts Volley can be used.

Q: So I bet this costs an arm and a leg, right?

A: Nope!  Your club can get Volley for as little as $600/month.  Volley has a variety of packages based on service level and equipment.  Reach out to our sales team today by filling out a form at the bottom of this page to learn more.

Q: What happens if something breaks down on it??

A: Volley's service packages are designed so Clubs don't have to do anything to keep the trainer going.  

The Volley team uses its software to monitor the trainer and make sure its running and ready to play.

If there is a need for repair, the Volley team will swap your old trainer for a new one.  No waiting for repairs! 

Q: Do Pros use Volley?  Does Volley impact lesson volume?

A: 100% of Pros who have Volley at their club report their income as the same or higher than before. 35% have reported an increase, primarily through using Volley in their lessons as an added service.  71% of Pros say lessons are more efficient with Volley, given repeatability of ball feeding and ability to teach same side of net.

Q: What is the Club/Pro support time obligation?

A: Volley App is designed for use without instruction. Volley also has a library of how-to videos and monitors user sessions, always available via in-app chat.  76% of Pros spend less than 5 minutes per day supporting member use of Volley.

Q: Where do I store the simulator at the Club?

A: Volley is designed to have a small footprint and fit in any club

The trainer can be stored outside under a cover, all you need is a 3FT x 2FT space

The batteries, charger, balls and crates all easily fit in a 2FT x 1FT space inside the hut or clubhouse.

Q: Is there a Volley app?

A: Yes, go to to download today.

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