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Want to learn how to get a Volley Trainer near you?


Q: What is Volley?

A: Volley is a trainer designed to simulate competitive racquet sports play. It contains a state of the art vision system, along with high speed motors and control systems. Put together, Volley is able to engage a player from a leisurely workout to the speed of a world class match over the entire court. 

Q: What is the difference between Volley and a ball machine?

A: Volley has intuitive controls allowing for the creation of any shot on the court. Furthermore, Volley brings advanced functionality to tennis, padel and platform tennis, including realistic simulated gameplay, video capture and a comprehensive workout library fit for everyone from novices to seasoned pros.

Q: What shots can Volley simulate?

A: Volley can simulate any shot, including serves, lobs, drives, volleys, overheads, screens, returns, and specialty shots.

Q: How many players can use Volley at one time?

A:  One person controls the trainer at a time, but multiple people can return shots. Volley is perfect for a group of people to practice together.

Q: Is there an age requirement for Volley?

A: For unsupervised sessions, players must be 18 and older to use Volley. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and assume responsibility for the junior player while working with the Volley trainer.

Q: Can Volley be used for other racquet sports?

A: Yes. Volley can be used for tennis, platform tennis, and padel.

Q: What kind of balls do I use for Volley?

A: Use only Volley branded balls for the best on court experience and make sure the balls are dry. If they are wet, use a different set of balls. Remove any abnormally behaving balls. Such balls will travel significantly farther or shorter than the rest, and will give an inconsistent experience. Once finished with the trainer, put all balls back into the designated bin and keep the lid cracked to remove moisture if they are wet.

Q: Is there a Volley app?

A: Yes, go to to sign up and start your session.