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RELEASE 2.16.1

Volley-Raw- 160


Workout sharing

  • Pros now have the ability to share workouts with other users. Visit the Stats & History page, press share, and select a workout(s). Search for users to share with, or have them scan the QR code. If the user doesn’t have a Volley account yet, use the new user section to share with them.
1 second feed rate
  • One second feed rates provide more realistic gameplay, and allow for more dynamic scenarios to be recreated on the court.
Wifi dashboard
  • The WiFi dashboard lets users check out their club’s WiFi signal strength, and monitor it to ensure a healthy connection.
New visuals for the 3D graphical space
  • The new visualizer allows users to view the court in a 3D space with graphical models of the trainer and player. This visualizer also lets users preview the workout by seeing the shots the trainer will be firing.
Rate my session
  • Users will intermittently be asked to provide feedback based on their session with the Volley trainer. 
Reduced frequency of ball jams
  • New software will significantly reduce the frequency of ball jams leading to an improved user experience


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