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RELEASE 2.17 & 2.18

Volley-Raw- 104


1. New visualizer camera controls
  • Use two fingers and scroll to change the orientation of the camera. Use two fingers to pinch and zoom in or out.
2. Notification badge when a workout is shared with you
  • When a pro shares a workout with someone, the recipient will have a small badge on their Stats & History app, indicating that they have something new available to them.
3. Further fixes to prevent ball jams
  • The frequency of ball jams is further reduced because of newly implemented measures
4. Freshdesk
  • A newly implemented customer support system that allows users to chat with Volley customer support. There are also help articles available. To access the articles and chat, select the help button located in your Account page at the bottom, through the control center while connected to a trainer, or through the popup message that appears when either an error or ball jam occurs.



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